BREAKING: Activists Blockade Entrance to Inergy Facility

Right now three activists are chained to the fence outside the Inergy facility near Watkins Glen. Many others are also participating in the blockade and headed to the site to blockade the entrance.  Police have given protesters 15 minutes to leave before they will be risking arrest.  Jeremy Alderson, one of the blockaders chained to the fence, is the founder of the No Frack Almanac and is a member of Gas Free Seneca. Below is a statement he released:

If you are reading this, I am chained to a fence outside an Inergy facility near Watkins Glen, and I am not alone.

We are protesting the gasification of New York.  We don’t want fracking in this state (or any state), and we don’t like Inergy’s plans to build a gas storage hub in Seneca Lake salt caverns.  We believe that:

1 – Inergy’s plans are reckless and dangerous.  Salt Cavern storage facilities are more accident prone than any other type of gas storage facility.

2 – Even if nothing goes wrong, there will be plenty wrong.  The Inergy project will change the character of our rural area by increasing the levels of traffic, noise, and pollution.  Just the pollution alone will kill people, and gas development will surely harm our existing winery, agricultural and tourism industries.

3 – Inergy can’t be trusted.  Inergy has been caught in so many lies and is keeping so many secrets that it has no credibility whatsoever.  It cannot be relied on as a guardian of public safety.

4 – The Inergy project is clearly meant to facilitate the fracking of New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania.  We adamantly oppose fracking and consider it catastrophic folly.  We want the Inergy project stopped because of its own lack of merit, and also as part of the larger effort to stop fracking.

5 – We resent the fact that, even though we live here, we have been given no say in what happens to our area.  We know, for example, that the DEC is keeping secrets for Inergy.  And we know that the DEC sent proposed fracking regulations to the gas companies for review, before finalizing them and releasing them for public comment.  No such opportunity was afforded to the industry’s opponents.  We cannot remain silent while a demonstrably biased agency makes decisions behind closed doors that could forever change our way of life.

Media Contact: Maura Stephens 607-351-3766

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One Response to BREAKING: Activists Blockade Entrance to Inergy Facility

  1. Jan Quarles says:

    There’s a typo in Maura’s number for media contact. Her number is 607-351-3766

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