TOMORROW!!! Rumor has it… 9:30 AM deploy from Alpine Junction

Friends! Community Members! Allies!Join us to defend our communities, land, and water from hydro-fracking!

When: Saturday, August 11th @ 9:30 am

Where: Alpine Junction Park and Ride at the intersection of Route 13 and Route 224, opposite the Harley-Davidson Dealership. The approximate address for GPS: 6023 New York Route 13, Cayuta, NY

Who: You, your family/kids, your neighbors, your co-workers, your friends

What: We will first gather for a pre-action breakfast and orientation. We will then caravan to the site of the action. Once we arrive at the site, a number of prepared, dedicated individuals will risk arrest by using their bodies as a direct resistance to fracking. The rest of us will join together in a large family friendly rally where we will hear speakers (including Sandra Steingraber), chant, sing, and raise our voices in resistance amid puppets, signs, and music-makers.

What to Bring: Water, a small snack (if you want), comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing/shoes, anti-fracking signs, drums and other music-makers, your voice!

Why: The anti-fracking movement needs direct action like never before. This summer, we need to show the public, the industry, the politicians and ourselves that we CAN and WILL take our bodies to the industry’s door. We must band together and resist as a community if we want to survive as a community!

As the gas industry continues to build fracking infrastructure in New York, threatening our state and others in the Marcellus region, we cannot continue to simply cross our fingers that something will prevent fracking from destroying our home. We must be the force that stops fracking.This action is about solidarity throughout the Marcellus region. There will be NO sacrifice zones.

Join our facebook event:

or direct email questions to:
To support those willing to risk arrest:

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