6/29 Anti-Fracking Action: Stop the Repowering of the Cayuga Coal Plant with Fracked Gas!

A $370 MILLION corporate project paid out ofratepayers’ pockets?


Building Fracking infrastructure on the shores of Cayuga Lake?


Pipelines for fracked gas right here in the Finger Lakes?


Continued violation of the Two Row Wampum and other Native Treaties?


Poisoning of land, people, and water?




Let’s Join Together and Say NO to Converting the Cayuga Power Plant (formerly AES Cayuga) to Fracked Gas.


There are alternatives to fossil fuels, and now is the time for a just transition, which meansnon-industrial, local, renewable energyandfair-paying,permanentjobs.


The Finger Lakes region has a long history of violent colonization by governments, militaries, and corporate interests as well as a long history of resistance. Those of us who are settlers on stolen land have the moral obligation to protect and respect waters and lands, while respecting indigenous communities and honoring treaties. Cayuga Lake is a watershed which supplies drinking water for thousands of people, a habitat for wildlife and aquatic creatures, and feeds the food that we grow.


Converting the coal-fired power plant to one which burns fracked gas will take us one step closer towards fracking in the Finger Lakes region and means the increased presence of fracking industry related infrastructure including more pipelines through farmland. This incredibly expensive project (a third of a billion dollars) will be paid for by ratepayers and will disproportionately affect lower income people and, subsequently, people of color. The proposed project is harmful, destructive, directly in violation of the Two Row Wampum, and a move in the wrong direction. It’s time to replace dangerous forms of energy like gas, coal and oil and find alternatives that promote healthy communities, self-sustenance, and long-term survival.


Come say NO to more fracking infrastructure in New York, NO to increased electric bills for all, NO to corporate projects over community health!


WHO: You! Your Family! Your Community!

WHERE: Cayuga Power Plant, Lansing (Map: http://goo.gl/maps/ad1Kw)

WHEN: Saturday, June 29 at 10:00 AM

WHAT: A rally at the industry’s gates, with speakers, signs, and puppets.

WHY: Defending our communities from the Fracking Industry and advocating for a just transition from the deadly fossil fuel economy.



6/27 Artmake and Orientation at 6:30 pm in the Worker’s Center above Autumn Leaves on the Commons. Everyone Welcome!

If you represent an organization that would be willing to endorse or help with outreach for this demonstration contact Sam Law at walmas@gmail.com

For more information and educational materials, contact nocoalnofrack@riseup.net

For media inquiries contact our Media Team at nofrackingactionmedia@gmail.com

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Action Camp – October 13-15

Anti-Frack Action Camp
October 13-15th, 2012
Finger Lakes National Forest

Finger Lakes Earth First! is hosting a weekend camp out against fracking to build regional capacity for Direct Action* while celebrating our connection with this land and the beautiful Fall season. There will be delicious food and fire circles, tree-climbing and workshops, sleeping under stars and in tents, skill shares & trainings (bring a workshop or discussion topic), and swimming for the daring!

Everybody is welcome! RSVP for site directions and schedule:   FingerlakesEF@riseup.net

This is a family friendly event – Our camp has nearby parking and a reasonably accessible trail. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or requests.

*We believe we have a responsibility and the ability to take Direct Action to against fracking without relying exclusively on “representatives” be it politicians, activist leaders, or big time environmentalist organizations. Direct Action is really just that–direct action. Check out the camp to get involved and learn more.

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 Three arrests…



Three arrests at Inergy Compressor Statioin north of Watkins Glen on Seneca Lake: Jeremy Alderson, Gary Judson, Susan Walker. Very nice Schuyler County Sheriff Yesson and officers took them away, charged only with a violation. This time. We will not let Inergy destroy our lakes and they should expect resistance every which way they go. 


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BREAKING: Activists Blockade Entrance to Inergy Facility

Right now three activists are chained to the fence outside the Inergy facility near Watkins Glen. Many others are also participating in the blockade and headed to the site to blockade the entrance.  Police have given protesters 15 minutes to leave before they will be risking arrest.  Jeremy Alderson, one of the blockaders chained to the fence, is the founder of the No Frack Almanac and is a member of Gas Free Seneca. Below is a statement he released:

If you are reading this, I am chained to a fence outside an Inergy facility near Watkins Glen, and I am not alone.

We are protesting the gasification of New York.  We don’t want fracking in this state (or any state), and we don’t like Inergy’s plans to build a gas storage hub in Seneca Lake salt caverns.  We believe that:

1 – Inergy’s plans are reckless and dangerous.  Salt Cavern storage facilities are more accident prone than any other type of gas storage facility.

2 – Even if nothing goes wrong, there will be plenty wrong.  The Inergy project will change the character of our rural area by increasing the levels of traffic, noise, and pollution.  Just the pollution alone will kill people, and gas development will surely harm our existing winery, agricultural and tourism industries.

3 – Inergy can’t be trusted.  Inergy has been caught in so many lies and is keeping so many secrets that it has no credibility whatsoever.  It cannot be relied on as a guardian of public safety.

4 – The Inergy project is clearly meant to facilitate the fracking of New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania.  We adamantly oppose fracking and consider it catastrophic folly.  We want the Inergy project stopped because of its own lack of merit, and also as part of the larger effort to stop fracking.

5 – We resent the fact that, even though we live here, we have been given no say in what happens to our area.  We know, for example, that the DEC is keeping secrets for Inergy.  And we know that the DEC sent proposed fracking regulations to the gas companies for review, before finalizing them and releasing them for public comment.  No such opportunity was afforded to the industry’s opponents.  We cannot remain silent while a demonstrably biased agency makes decisions behind closed doors that could forever change our way of life.

Media Contact: Maura Stephens 607-351-3766

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CALL TO ACTIONS! tuesday 9/4

What: Call to Actions
When: Tuesday September 4th 2012
Where: Everywhere, wherever you are
How: Anyway you know/can
Contact: nofrackingactionmedia@gmail.com



It was recently reported that Governor Cuomo would announce the opening of NY state to active drilling “soon”, despite the insistence of residents that we do not want the gas industry fracturing our communities!

On September 4th, 2012 we challenge you to create the most creative direct action response you can with the people you have and supplies you can rustle up. Tell the gas industry and elected officials like Governor Cuomo, “WE ARE NOT GOING TO LET YOU DO THIS! We will meet you in your office with banners and signs, we will meet you on the streets chanting, we will meet you in front of the companies’ headquarters, we will hang banners from your street poles, we will sit down in the roads and bar industry vehicles from entering their compounds, we will stop the drill rigs from drilling when they come!”

You don’t have to wait to organize a rally or an office demonstration. Successful actions always start with a committed team. Collaborate with your group on a smart strategy, effective tactics, and powerful messaging. No matter how small your action is, it will become one of the many grassroots voices against fracking that make this movement strong. You are powerful and creative; you can do it, whatever that may be!

Lies and money have worked in the past; they don’t anymore. There have been too many broken promises, broken treaties, broken dreams. The fracking industry will not win us over no matter how hard it tries. We will fight like the lives of our children depend on it, because they do.

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Schlumberger Shutdown

Check out this powerful video from last saturday’s action! We shut them down and there is more coming!

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Watkins Glen Protest on 8/17



For over a year now, local residents, business owners, and tourists have worked to express their opposition to the proposed gas storage and transport facility being developed on the western shore of Seneca Lake. It stands to be the largest gas storage and transport facility in the North Eastern United States. Despite their efforts, the industrialization of the region by Kansas-city based Inergy moves boldly forward . The DEC’s acceptance of the Environmental Impact Statement as final is imminent.


People within the region are growing increasingly frustrated after attending decision-making meetings, meeting with representatives, writing letters, holding forums, attending hearings, and making phone calls in an effort to stop this project- seemingly to no avail. The community is standing together on August 17th to make their voices heard, and their opposition to this facility known- this time, in a different way. This will be a family friendly peaceful march through Watkins Glen.


STARTING POINT: At 4:00, meet at Seneca Marine Park parking lot near the “Village Marina Bar and Grill” off North Decatur Street; (Address: 2 Seneca Harbor Watkins Glen, NY 14891)

Join the facebook event and invite your friends: http://www.facebook.com/events/419609251408448/


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